The China International Clothing &Accessories Fair

¡ª¡ª the largest professional fashion fair in Asia

The 11th edition of The China International Clothing &Accessories Fair(CHIC2003), which is organized by CHINA NATIONAL GARMENT ASSOCIATION, CHINA WORLD TRADE CENTER CO., LTD., THE SUB-COUNCIL OF TEXTILE INDUSTRY, CCPIT, will be held on March 27-30, 2003 in China International Exhibition Center. The total square of the fair reach 60 thousand sqm, and there are 850 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions. After ten years development, CHIC is the largest professional fashion fair in Asia today.

Building up a professional fair, promoting competitive capability of garment brands - CHIC2003: New start point, big business opportunity

With the development of Chinese garments industry from extensive farming to intensive farming, from product competition to brand competition, CHIC has become booster of China garments industry by its professionals, market-oriented and internationalism. CHIC in every March, has become a great event in the field. The CHIC2003 holding from March27-30 stands on the key point when the business face new opportunity after China entry to WTO two years ago. As the most influential fashion fair in China, the CHIC bears the significant historic mission. Innovating on the basis of former experience, CHIC put emphasis on the ¡°professional¡±, improving service and enhancing brand influence of the event. During the preparation of the 11th edition, the sponsor strive to make departure of the second ten years of the CHIC sound and fresh according to the international norms.

Online registration offer professional service

In the past ten years, sponsor put improvement of specialty on the most important work throughout. So do sponsor this year. An outstanding feature is enhancing the management of the spectator. Therefore, the sponsor take many measures: first, CHIC provide the buyers with the online registration service and set special entrance for them on spot so as they can be more efficient and enjoy better service. Second, in order to do well in organizing and serving the spectator, the sponsor will register professional spectator who did not register online. Thus, sponsor can effectively distinct the professional and non-professional spectators, keep the normal cosmos, and ensure the good trade circumstance. In order to improve level of professional, sponsor make full use of the past database and invite professional spectators and buyer to participate CHIC2003. In addition, the sponsor contact the exhibitors one by one and hope them to inform their customer to register by Internet or fax, claim for visitor card and join the event. Because the ¡°core¡± spectators and buyers is more, trade opportunity is latent in the CHIC2003 and the exhibitors will attain a satisfactory result.

Allocating exhibition space by specialty, improving negotiation efficiency

The total space of CHIC2003 is 60 thousand sqm covering all No.1 to N0.8 hall of CIEC. On account of positive application, the event added No. 9, No.10 as the temporary halls. In the domestic district: the first floor of hall 1 is men¡¯s wear, the second floor for casual wear, the third floor and hall6,7,8 are for women¡¯s wear, hall 9 is children¡¯s wear, hall10 is comprehensive fashion. The hall 2-5 are overseas brand halls. Among them, hall 2 and hall 3 are overseas group exhibitors and hall 4 are international men¡¯s wear and hall 5 are international women¡¯s wear. The show district is divided definitely by wear catalogue so that it makes it easier for the professionals visit and buyers negotiate, which is one of sponsor¡¯s try according to the international experience.

The direct marks to estimate fair are the amount of exhibitors and famous brands. There are 850 exhibitors from 13countries and regions. The domestic manufacturers regard participating in the China International Clothing &Accessories Fair annually as one of most efficient terrace to brand promotion, image build-up, and merchandising. In addition, in order to improve the development of local garments industry and set up the whole image, 13 provinces and cities from SHENZHEN, HANGZHOU, GUANGDONG, SHANGHAI , TIANJIN, DALIAN, SHANDONG, JIANGSU, FUJIAN, WUHAN, SICHUAN, CHONGQING, QUANZHOU, SHISHI exhibit in group. Among them, SHENZHEN pavilion with 79 exhibitors is the biggest local exhibition pavilion and will hold series of promotion activities. The HANGZHOU pavilion covered the whole hall 6 will put out ¡°HANGZHOU WOMEN WEAR DAY¡± to demonstrate the whole image of HANGZHOU brand women¡¯s wear. The other local pavilions also do not want to take the back seat to show their own local features.

Overseas exhibitors increased sharply to show internationalism

After the entry of WTO, the potential of huge Chinese garments market has more and more attracted the attentions of overseas exhibitors. The quantity of overseas exhibitors and square is enlarged than the last year. And the exhibitors come from Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Turkey, America, Japan, Korea, China Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and so on. Especially, Italian Trade Commission (ICE) organizes about 50 brands and companies to participate the show, which is the biggest group among European countries. France and Germany also have many exhibitors this time that was not so much before, showing European countries attention to Chinese market. In Asian countries, Korea Trade-investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) has organized 22 enterprises to exhibit in 3 years successively showing their confidence and ardor to China market. Hong Kong Pavilion, organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council is the largest one in overseas pavilions. And their participation make the quantity of overseas exhibitors reaching 230, more than 30 percent than the last year.

Professional activities embody forerunner and counter

On the set of related activities, this fair holds the pulse of the development of clothing industry, and puts out a series of wonderful professional activities. For example, ¡°China Clothing Forum¡± as the highest level and the most authoritative one, will invite domestic and foreign high-class people and experts to make speeches and dialogue. The forum on the topic of ¡°Brand Management¡± emphasize that combine the sense of macro-scope and conception with the industry development and brand management, and make the worldwide advanced mind, knowledge and experience serve to Chinese garments enterprise and entrepreneur. Besides, in order to increase enterprises¡¯ core competitive capability and improve enterprises¡¯ persistent development, CHIC2003 will hold series training. One of these training is the course of ¡°The Green Passport Oeko-Tex Standard 100/1000 of Clothing and textile¡± undertaken by Switzerland Spin Examination Center and  the second training is ¡°Special Topic for Make Dialogue With succeed¡± which will invite international and domestic successful entrepreneurs and famous management professors to tell about their experience and share the method of management trough micro-analyze about specific cases. During the fair, a series of activities are still indispensable beautiful scenery. The star, fashion and new lifestyle will release the charm of fashion perfectly. In order to bring the effect of information platform into play and let China garments enterprises and designers know international fashion trend quickly, the sponsor of CHIC2003 cooperate with China Fashion Color Institute, America Pantone and Holland Viewontextile to hold ¡°2004 Spring Summer International Fashion Trend Cast¡± which set up Men¡¯s Wear, Women¡¯s Wear and Children¡¯s Wear fashion trend cast areas respectively in Men¡¯s Wear district, Women¡¯s Wear district and Children¡¯s Wear district, introduce the newest international fashion information into China .

Based on the development of this industry, exploring new business opportunity

The innovative CHIC has become a flag of China fashion fair. Its brilliant achievements and positive exploration bring precious enlightenments on how the exhibition promote development of the field. Some authorities point out: with the continuous development of economy globalization, China garments industry is rapidly heading on internationalism, specializing and market-oriented. Thereof, the line of fashion fair focusing on demonstrating the level of garments industry should even hasten pace to induct international ripe exhibition mode and professional operating mode, improve exhibition level, shorten the distance with the overseas professional trade-show, and innovate during development. During the process of striding forward the second ten years, China International Clothing &Accessories Fair will bring its role of bridge between enterprises and market into full play, build up effective trade and business terrace to brand promotion and market extend, explore more bright future of China garments industry and the fair.

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